Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blogging, Writes, and KC Life

There are other ways of reading my blog besides coming to this website. You can subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom of the page, or I can add you to a list of people who will get my new posts emailed to them. I know several of you received emails when I updated my Xanga blog, so I thought you might like that option here, too. Just send me your email address and I'll add you to that list.

I just thought of another great name for my blog: Writes of a Military Wife. Too late to change the name though. And after next year I won't have that military angle to my blog anyways. That's right, we only have about a year left with the Marines!

I wish Bryan could share all my Kansas City experiences. He said I should send him photos of everything I do and everywhere I go so he can picture my life here. (too easy pun) So today Flora and I went out with camera in tow and documented the following places that I frequent: two coffee shops within two miles of the house, a drive-through with the best frozen custard ever, the closest post office which happens to be in a strip mall, my new bank that I chose based on its attractive exterior, the convenient Quick Trip that highlights many a weekend with coffee and donuts, and the slightly overpriced hometown grocery store. It's not too exciting, but that's pretty much the extent of everything I do in KC. Eventually I'll have to get a picture of the Apple Store for him because I'm definitely dragging his PC booty into one of those. Maybe I'll call ahead so they can have an intervention prepared.


  1. so.... do you like living in KC then? i need to know this in case i move up there. do you recommend it highly? or not so highly?

    so far the only things you listed as doing up there are eating and drinking coffee. :) need more information! (although it is good to know that there are plenty of good coffee shops.)

  2. Dare I post a shameless plug for my best friend Google. One of his many features is Google Reader, which is how I am updated on these lovely posts about the writes of you, the military wife. The updates appear on my iGoogle homepage. This is where I also see my Gmail, top news updates, and of course every intellectuals must-have: the GRE word of the day. Ironically that is listed below the joke of the day. Google knows me so well. Keep up the insights Sara Fabulous.