Saturday, May 10, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame David Cook!

This ranks as my best Kansas City experience so far. Yesterday American Idol finalist David Cook came to KC for his big "hometown visit". We all got tickets to the Royals game so we could hear him sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". I came prepared with my mental lists of Do's and Don'ts. DO ask David Cook to marry my friend in Africa (per her request). DON'T flash David Cook (per my husband's request). And DO take lots of pictures (because you wouldn't believe me otherwise).

Here are the occupants of Section 319, Row G, Seats 10-12. Not pictured: Chris Borkert.

I thought it necessary to also document that Jim Halpert is leading a double life as a professional baseball player.

Then came David Cook! Yaaaayyyy! Wait a minute, David what are you doing to your baseball cap? David, no! Nooooo...

Flora was definitely the most excited about seeing David Cook.

He sang. We screamed. I forgot about my mental list of Do's and Don'ts. It was the best 7th inning ever.


  1. Omit the words "to the Ballgame" from your post's title and you have my sentiments about this whole experience. Understandably you couldn't ask David about that marriage thing. All is forgiven. However, there will be consequences: the number of African fertility vases I'm bringing back for you might have just gone down. P.S. Flora's adorable factor just keeps rising, so cute!

  2. Your blogspot is great Sara! You and Kristin inspire me. hmm.....

  3. Be alert! One of my friends works with David Cooks girlfriend. Well that was until about three weeks ago. He dumped her after she had went twice to see him on idol show. And yes she had to pay her own way. But it looks like all really enjoyed the ballgame. :-)

  4. Flora's eyelashes are amazing...even I'm swooning.

  5. Hello! Glad to hear the game was fun. I wonder if they came to Tulsa because David Cook works (or I guess worked) at a bar down the street.

    You have one beautiful niece.