Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20—Happy Anniversary

Another anniversary, another absent husband. Saying it that way makes him sound like a deadbeat, but he's far from it. Our first anniversary he was stationed in Japan. Today, our second anniversary, he is deployed to Iraq. In the past 24 months of our marriage, we've only spent 8 months living together. That's two-thirds of our marriage that we've been separated against our wills. It sucks, but thank God for web cams! Despite our unusual situation we have a terrific relationship. (Thanks in large part to the five years of dating before the wedding.) Happy anniversary, Bryan! May we be ever as in love and never as separated as our first two years of marriage.


  1. Seriously, that stinks. It's amazing to me how well you guys handle it, not sure how I would.

  2. Yeah, you guys are champs. I hope someday we can be neighbors.

  3. happy anniversary, hmmm...good thing happiness isn't necessarily about being together. how incredible is it that you guys are so in love while so apart?!?!