Monday, June 2, 2008

Politics Make Me Uncomfortable

Ow. My foot is asleep and my shins are imprinted with red creases to match the form of my desk's edge. This is what happens when I try to do my American duty and research the presidential candidates of 2008. I've never been able to sit normally at a desk, so my twisted legs and squashed feet are not too happy with my decision to ignore their protests and remained glued to my computer screen.

I consider myself to be an open-minded conservative, so I went to the websites of both Obama and McCain. I discovered that both stand for things I agree with, and both stand for things that scare me. However, there is a bigger issue to consider that is not represented on either of their listed stances: web presence. Between the two there is one clear winner of my vote for the better website. I think that McCain's campaign has underestimated the importance of their web presence in this race. A quick YouTube search found 193,000 results for "Obama" and only 65,000 results for "McCain". Statistics show that people who are using the internet as the main source for their election news feel like they understand what is going on and that they have a say in how it turns out—in short, they sound like the type of people who actually get out and vote on election day. So if a candidate's website is unattractive and his web presence weak, how much of an effect will that have on his poll numbers?


  1. You know whose web presence intrigues me? Meghan McCain and her personal photojournalist and video producer. The blog is pretty cool: it's the unseen of the campaign trail without too much political mess.
    But come on, Sara, if he gets our old pal Huck to be the Barney to his Fred, you're obligated to vote for him...he's endorsed by Chuck Norris. And those are the best videos to watch on YouTube.

  2. Thanks bringing my attention to the blogette website, I really like what they're doing with it.

  3. You have to wonder if politics makes anyone comfortable. I will always have doubts about any candidate because I have my own views and beliefs. I also see a side of government that makes me wonder what else they spend our money on. We pay $10,000 a month of rent on our floor. While I am thankful for a job I wonder what better things that money could pay for. I also wonder about things that the public is never told about. I also know that the FBI is scrambling to figure out how to protect a President such as a Clinton or Obama. No matter who our next president is I don't think anyone will be truly happy.