Monday, May 18, 2009

Three Years in Three Days

I'm not an extremely fit person, but I try to jog a mile or two every few days. (It makes me feel a little less guilty about all the delicious homemade cookies and breads that I eat.) Since the rainy weather was not conducive to an outside jog today, I drove to my little Gym to tread the mill for a bit. (Does anybody know how a treadmill got its name?) When I arrived at the Gym I was slightly annoyed to discover it was closed because of the SWINE FLU and would reopen after it was "sanitized" sometime this week. Yeah. Swine flu. There has not been one case of swine flu in our entire state, and after the Gym is sanitized and they let people start using it again, will it really be any safer than it was before the big clean?? So stupid.

Moving on…

I cannot let this week pass without announcing to the world that on Wednesday Bryan and I will FINALLY get to spend an anniversary together!! In fact it will take all my effort not to mention this in every facebook status for the next three days. We don't have any big plans for the special day because saving for a down payment on a house has us on a tight budget. We're thinking a nice restaurant and a sunset walk on the beach. Any other low-cost celebration ideas??


  1. wow, yeah, you know for going three years without getting to celebrate together, i think you deserve to plaster that message all over facebook. :) i'm glad that you get to be together this year!

  2. In one sentence you made me feel like I need to exercise more AND bake more cookies.....strange.

    I also feel like a very poor money manager after reading this post. Your frugality is an inspiration to us all.....

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad that you finally get to spend it with Bryan.