Friday, May 8, 2009

Sara K, the CRUSHER!!!

Ok, crushes are for more than just teenage girls, orange soda, and pro wrestling, right? I crush on people and things all the time! So here I have compiled a short list of what I've been crushing on lately. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Bite-sized Heath bars. Bryan picked out a big bag of these to sneak into the movie theater last week (I picked out strawberry Twizzlers) and I was shocked at how truly satisfying chocolate-covered toffee really is. Who knew?
• My new Facebook profile pic. I spent about thirty minutes doing some fine Photoshop work on an average picture of me to make it outstanding. I love the final result. Totally crushing on it.
• My husband. Nature is cruel at this time of the month.
• A hand-made heart pendant I recently bought from I've been on the lookout for the perfect red heart necklace for a long time now—not too junior high, not too formal, not too red, not too expensive—and I'm so happy that I finally found the perfect pendant! Love it!• Kris Allen. SOOO proud of my Arkansas boy on American Idol!! I don't think he'll win, but I love that he's representing our publicity-challenged state so well!
• Yard sales. (I think I pretty much covered this one in my last post!)
• My grandmother's antique wedding ring. I've been in love with this little piece of jewelry all my life, and even wanted to use it for my own wedding ring. That didn't work out though, and for a long time it stayed tucked away in a safe place because I thought it would be tacky to wear a wedding set on each hand—but this week I changed my mind! Now it's out of hiding, on my right hand, and not tacky at all!
• Seagulls. I guess I've just been spending a lot more time outside and noticing them lately. They're such fun birds! I love how they always sound like they're laughing; it never ceases to make me smile!
• Pandora radio online. How does anybody ever get work done without Pandora?? Their steady stream of songs that are just to my liking helped me get through two weeks (and counting) of tracing photos in Illustrator. Couldn't have done it without ya, Pandora!
• My sister's new blog! It's all about how cute my little niece and nephew are, and Stefanie has an entertaining style of documenting their cuteness! There's a link to it on right of this page called "Borkerts the Sister".


  1. Mmmmmm, bite-sized Heath bars sound like the best! I want to see a picture of your antique ring--i bet it is beautiful!

    Well, time to start up Pandora and get to work. (i too cannot imagine working with out my Pandora!!!)

  2. I originally didn't include a picture of the ring b/c I didn't think it would photograph very well… but for you, Mel, I gave it a few tries and finally got a decent picture! So if anyone else wants to see a photo of this ring just let me know and I'll email you the pic!

  3. 1. I love the necklace! I would like to wear necklaces, but I left my earrings at the Thai place last I don't think I'm ready for necklaces yet.
    2. "Nature is cruel this time of the month"?????? Ew ew ew ew ew.
    3. Yard sales are my star-crossed lover. We want to be together, but it never works out. Maybe someday I will deny my Flora and refuse my Scout (i.e. leave them with Chris) and actually go yard saling again.....someday.
    4. "Borkerts the sister" Really? Really? That's the best you could come up with? What does that even mean? "Borkerts the Beautiful" or "Borkerts the Babies" or "Borkerts the Blessings" or "Stefanie the Mother Extraordinaire" Any of those work for me.
    5. Kris is cool
    6. Sometimes I see seagulls here in KC and get confused
    7. I don't know how anyone does any work with music playing---I can only listen to the lyrics.
    8. This comment is WAY too long.
    9. Why, thankyouthankyouverymuch!! Borkerts the Stefanie has a crush on your blog too!

  4. You talking about seagulls reminds me of whatever movie it is when they're all saying "mine! mine! mine!"
    I like your profile picture too! I can never find time to just play around in Photoshop.