Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pathetic athletic

I've often wondered why the UPS man has to come to my house at the END of the day. I feel like the poor kid who gets home an hour later than everyone else just because his house is at the end of the bus route. I'm expecting a package today and I've already opened the front door four times "just to check" in case my doorbell stopped working or my ears went temporarily deaf when it rang. My childlike anticipation is for none other than a new pair of running shoes I recently ordered. Ah... there is little more satisfying and nothing more motivating than a fresh pair of running shoes. They're still white, their shoelaces have never been crossed, and they don't even smell like the road yet! And I get the pleasure of introducing these shoes to their destiny. Shoes, this is the sidewalk. Sidewalk, Shoes. I can't wait!!

But unfortunately I don't have a choice. I must wait. (and pray that my UPS driver has a heavy right foot)

In the meantime though, I do have a question for you. Yes, you. The person reading my blog who also jogs, runs, walks, or does any mindless monotonous task. What do you think about when you're doing it? I asked a couple people this question and found the answers interesting. One girl said she does math problems in her head while she's jogging. Another person said he pretended he was a superhero running to save the day. I could use some more suggestions b/c all I end up thinking about are my many friends who can run so much faster and farther than me!

Ok, time to check the front door again...


  1. I don't run. Yet. I am going to get some new running shoes though very soon. Anyway, when I'm out walking (which I can do with my so-so shoes [which I just realized were purchased during MRSD weekend which you were a part of!]) I never really think of much, but there's always a song on repeat in my head, and it's usually matching the rhythm of my steps. I also look at the houses around me and try to imagine who used to live there and what the house used to look like before the paint flaked off.

  2. Am I "the girl" who does math problems?? Because that is what I do, but only when I am getting really tired and need to distract myself from the pain. Of course, all of the previous should be understood to be past tense, since I haven't run, a while. Actually, I did math problems in my head during labor too, so it works in multiple situations.

    I also used to listen to books on my mp3 player. Not the 50lb books that you read, but light, fluffy, entertaining stuff. I can provide suggestions if needed. :o)

  3. hey! i just read an article on runners world on what people think about while running--it says that the elite runners generally think about their form, their body, what feels good what doesnt, etc. i find myself thinking about myself running when i run. how fast am i going? what do i look like? are my new shorts cool or not cool? :)

  4. I make lists. No surprise, I know. I love to make all sorts of lists with categories and subcategories. For example, on a run I might make a list of all the people I would send Christmas cards to if I ever were grown up enough to send Christmas cards. Or I make lists of books I want to teach. Or even lists of foods that I should try in the next year. For easy lists I think of one item for every letter of the Stores/Brands I'm too poor to shop in/buy: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Cache, Dooney & Bourke, etc. My mind is a post-it note. I embrace that.

    And the word verification has given me a new idea for a list: words that sound cool with "dang" at the end. My wv is "pedang." As in, "Pedang! Your new running shoes are hot!"